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The last classes for 2017 will be on Saturday 23rd December, we hope all club members and their family have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas break.

Classes will restart on Tuesday 3rd January at 6pm.

Thank you for everyone’s support and best wishes in 2017 and we are looking forward to seeing you all in the new year.


Best Wishes

Coulsdon Martial Arts Senseis


Brian Jacks – 10th Dan Judo, Olympic Judo medallist and Four-time champion of Superstars, teaches a Judo Master-class at Coulsdon Martial Arts.



An interview at Coulsdon MArtial Arts Centre with Thomas and Williams Johnson – GB Judo players from Yoshin Ryu.

Interviewed by Sensei Errol Field 6th Dan Judo


Amy Hall From Brown Belt to 1st DAN 2013
It takes Years of, Dedication, Discipline, Commitment, training and more training and even more training to achieve what not all Martial Artist will!
The coveted Dan Grade.

Then months of harder training in the final run up to the day, a 3 hour Grading,
A line up of Dan Grades to fight, and then ground work.

Is it worth?


Recently Brian Jacks visited the club and ran a training session.
Watch the video below: