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4 November 2022

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19 October 2022

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27 July 2022

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23 September 2020

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It has been great seeing so many of you return to new style of training, there are a few spaces left in some classes if you have not returned yet and would



26 August 2020

Hopefully you have all been able to enjoy the summer and ready for the return to schools in the next few weeks.  We have been working hard behind the scenes to reply to all your messages and hopefully I have confirmed details of your classes from next week to everyone who intends to return from 1st September.

If I have not confirmed your place, please contact me as soon as possible on  

 A reminder of the new safety measures that will be in place:  

  • All lessons will be reduced to a maximum of 8 students  
  • Lesson times will be reduced to 45 minutes to allow for additional cleaning between lessons  
  • All students will have their temperature checked before entering the dojo and supplied with hand gel, all internal doors will remain open to limit touch points. 
  • All students will keep a two-metre distance and must remain in their designated area in the dojo   
  • Changing facilities are no longer be available and all students must arrive in their gi 
  • Drinking water is no longer be available and all students must bring their own, labelled, water bottle  
  • No spectators will be allowed on the premises  
  • Drop off and collection will be outside, parents must queue in a way that does not block the pavement  
  • When arriving for lessons do NOT arrive more than 5 minutes before your lesson start time and wait outside to be collected  
  • A Standing Order must be set up for each student (junior and adults)  

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact me directly through email and include your contact details and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please do not call the landline at the club as when I am there I am teaching and not able to answer the phone. 

14 June 2020

It has now been nearly three months since we had to close the club doors and I have now received notification from our Governing Body that I am able to restart training in small groups in non-contact sport in an open-air space.

The plan is to start outside 1-2-1 sessions and small groups utilizing some new equipment that has been purchased, this will be following government guidance on health and safety.  The second phase will be to move back into the club which we are hoping will be as soon as possible.

Parents who continued to pay Monthly Standing Orders

When the club was shut, I offered additional lessons to compensate for any parent that continued to make payments. I am now able to offer these make up sessions in this new format, can you please send an email to letting me know which of these options you would be most comfortable with and I will be in contact to work with you on the best solution:

Option 1 – Fortnightly 50 minutes lessons with up to 5 students, keeping 2-meter distance

Option 2 – A monthly 121 lesson for 30 minutes

Option 3 – A full contact lesson in a family group for those with siblings/ parents in the same household that are also members or would be interested in joining – based on 1 session a month for each member (i.e. two members attending would receive two lessons a month etc.)

Option 4 – Not comfortable with returning to training now

If you are not interested in making up lessons at this time and you are still paying the monthly standing order, can I please ask that you cancel or reduce future payments as I will not be able to make up more than three months of lessons.

You will also continue to have access to the weekly Zoom Lessons (details below)

Senior Members and parents that cancelled Standing Order

If you have cancelled your Standing Order, or you a senior member who normally pays cash per lesson, please contact me if you are interested to restart training under one of the options detailed above.

Zoom Lessons

The Zoom lessons will be continuing, but from 1 July these will now be charged at £10 a month per student, this is for access to all four lessons each week.  Online judo, jujitsu and karate training via Zoom


  • 4.30pm judo
  • 7.00pm jujitsu

Friday :

  • 4.00pm Basic Karate
  • 5.00pm: Advanced Karate

Free Online Material for all Coulsdon Martial Students

If you are unable to continue payments, or not interested in Zoom or non-contact open-air training, the following material will remain available to you:

Coulsdon Martial Arts Facebook (no password required) for training HIIT training on Monday and Thursday with judo instructors Will and Tom Johnson

Website online training

10 May 2020

Reminder that basic karate zoom training will be tomorrow at 4pm due to the public holiday on Friday

We now have the following schedule for online training available:

Monday 7.30pm Facebook HIIT class (with judo techniques)
Tuesday 4.00pm Zoom Judo lesson
Tuesday 7.00pm Zoom Jujitsu lesson
Thursday 7.30pm Facebook HIIT class (with judo techniques)
Friday 4.00pm Karate Basic Zoom lesson
Friday 5.00pm Karate Advanced Zoom lesson (orange belt and above)

There are also over 30 training videos on our website:

Zoom lessons and online training are password protected, if you need the password please email

20 March 2020

We have received enquiries from some parents regarding continued payment of the monthly standing orders for children’s classes, whilst we have been forced to close the club.

To ensure a consistent message I have decided to address the issue to all members.

During the period in which the club is closed, we will be providing online video tutorials which will include: games, kata demonstrations, interval training, technique training and general fitness. This can be accessed through the club website and will be continuously updated with new material over the period that we are closed.

These videos will take time and effort to produce and we ask that those that can afford to do so, to please consider continuing your standing orders, either for the full or at a reduced amount. This will help considerably towards the overhead costs involved with running the club, online content and help to ensure that we are able to effectively reopen as soon as the situation has improved.

We will also be looking to make up missed lessons when full services have returned to normal. This will be in the form of additional lessons, provided at separate times and in addition to the regular lessons.

We do understand that the current situation is difficult for everyone and would like to offer these videos to all our members, and for this reason the content is available irrespective of the contribution that any individual members have made.

If you do cancel a standing order, we would appreciate that you let us know so that we can update your record, and also offer you a password for the online content.

We appreciate all our members and understand this is a very difficult period for the club and members alike. We appreciate your continued support, which is an invaluable part of keeping the club running, and in the manner that you have come to expect.

18 March 2019

New Budo Fitness Course

On Friday 29 March, Sensei Pat Walsh will be starting a new Budo Fitness Course, this class is open to all adults and will run on Fridays from 9.30am – 10.45am.  Cost is £6 per class.

You do not need to attend any other lessons at Yoshin Ryu to train

You do not need to have any martial arts experience

There will be no gradings, no belts, no competitions, no contact, no ‘outfits’

There will just be the opportunity to get fit and workout your brain and your heart.

For more information please contact

4 March 2019

Emergency First Aid

On Sunday 3 March, ten leaders from Coulsdon Martial Arts attended a full day Emergency First Aid course held on-site.  The training covered the basics in Emergency First Aid as well as some specifics on the injuries sometimes seen from practising martial arts.  All attendees thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt new things that will continue to keep the club a safe environment for everyone to be part of.

This course supports our desire to have ALL instructors first aid trained as well as being CPR checked.